12 reasons why Wayuu bags are the perfect accessory

Wayuu Mochilas bag

1. Their bright colors and symbolic designs

When buying a Wayuu bag you have a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from and they are all amazingly beautiful. It does not matter if you wear jeans, dress, if you go to the movies or to the beach, the striking colors of the Wayuu bags is what stands out, what catches all eyes and excels in the splendor of the woven pieces.

2. The quality and durability of a tough hand-crocheted Wayuu bag

Wayuu bags are of high quality because they are carefully hand-crocheted with the greatest mental and manual ability. The Wayuus know what they do, each bag may require three weeks of intensive and concentrated work of one Wayuu woman and their bags will not disappoint in terms of quality, durability, and finishes. So, when you buy a Wayuu Bag, it is almost certain that you will enjoy your colorful bag for the rest of your life.

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3. They are comfortable

The straps are designed to sit comfortably on your shoulder and its length allows you to use it in various styles, even it can be knotted to adjust its length. They have a system of fastening with drawstrings to tie the bags rather than using zippers. This closing system not only does it keep your belongings safe but makes the bag more chic with the tie and the tassels or pompoms. Once you use the Wayuu bag, you will not want to go back to a regular purse ever again!

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4. You can carry as much or as little as you need at all times

In addition to providing a chic and cool look, these Wayuu bags ensure comfort and versatility when deciding what and how much to carry. A Wayuu large bag can carry as much as you can fit in and they will continue being comfortable and strong, as they have a wonderful quality.

5. The Wayuu bags always make a statement

The quality of work and designs of a Wayuu bag instantly become a delight for the eyes and for sure will never go unnoticed. The beautiful hand-weaved bags are made by the Wayuu indigenous people of La Guajira and will add a vivid splash of style and color to any woman’s wardrobe.

6. Each Wayuu bag is one-of-a-kind

There are many different styles, Wayuu bags are not made equal. There’s a big price difference and a large part of it is due to the amount of love and time spent making a Wayuu bag. Attention is in the details and by being able to know them and check for them, you’ll be guaranteed to take home a quality Wayuu bag.

7. They can be worn in different styles

As cross-body bag, for when you’re on the move and want to have your hands-free. All long in one shoulder or shortened with a knot as a regular purse. When knotting the strap of your Wayuu bag gives you also different style to carry the bag, as on your shoulder, back or forearm.

8. They have a creative artisan woman behind, meaning and history

This magical and ancient art of weaving from the Wayuu community makes people curious about the creative Wayuu women who designed the Bag. The art of weaving has been around for a long time and is passed on from generation to generation. At an early age, the young girls learn their first tricks of this complicated craft of weaving. For the women of the Wayuu tribe, it is a privilege to be able to make the Wayuu Bags and it is a sign of intelligence, creativity, and wisdom in their culture.

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9. Helping the Wayuu community when buying consciously

The Wayuu women preserve the culture through the daily weaving they perform. It is a great incentive to know that when selling their handmade pieces we are also keeping them motivated so that they realize that they perform an exceptional job and that the global public recognizes with love their traditional crafts.

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10. Perfect for so many occasions

The Wayuu bags are so versatile that you can take your Wayuu bag wherever you want, it works for casual day trips or for night events and outings with your friends. You can also take it for movie outings, family reunions or for formal events. These bags are beautifully textured and go very well in any occasion and become a unique and ethnic accessory that stands out any outfit.

11. No age limit to wear a Wayuu bag

The irresistible style of the Wayuu bags can be used at any age. Even the Mini Wayuu bags for kids, the Large bag perfect for notebooks for college teens, to take your essentials to work or just a chic bag for any events no matter the age. They are all perfect for any age at every moment.

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12. There is so much love in each Wayuu bag

For a Wayuu artisan, the ancient art of weaving is a symbol of tradition and a sign of its love. Each Wayuu bag is exclusively woven with dedication and care by a beautiful and enterprising woman. Wayuu women artisans express their creativity, talent, preferences for color, design and weaving techniques through this ancient tradition. At Nature’s Vibes Only, we ensure that each of our bags is woven with love and passion of our proud artisans.

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