About us

Who we are

Nature’s Vibes Only is a brand that pays tribute to Latin American ethnic treasures. We aim to preserve the ancestral traditions of South American craftsmanship. As Colombians and curators of our culture, we offer typical handicrafts made with love by women from vulnerable communities.

We believe in the potential of the ancestral art of the Latin American tribes that awakens intrigue and curiosity. We are always looking for unique pieces that treasure stories, journeys, and dreams. We strive to find that the handicrafts are made from natural materials or made as far as possible with sustainable materials.

We are aware of how fast fashion is generating a negative environmental impact with the use of toxic chemicals, water pollution, the increased levels of textile waste and the exploitation of vulnerable communities. For those reasons, Nature’s Vibes Only is an independent brand with socio-environmental values. Besides, we are influenced by the movement that is currently known as the “Fashion Revolution,” which fights against the exploitation of workers and the pollution of the planet.

our missionOur mission is to share the history and traditional work from different corners of Latin America. We aim to support and empower native women artisans. So they develop competitiveness levels through their creativity and determination.

Our Core Values ♥

Environment respect

Nature’s Vibes Only is an environmentally conscious brand focused on “guilt-free fashion.” Therefore, we avoid materials filled with agrochemicals or based on toxic substances.

women empowering

Women Empowering

We believe the future is female. Our women artisans are one of the reasons why Nature’s Vibes Only was born, so we aim to support them, and to grow with them. We are proud of the Latin-American women artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs that cooperate with us. Their talent inspires us.


Nature’s Vibes Only helps the socio-economic recognition of communities in vulnerable conditions. We want them to expand their participation in the market of Canada, as we believe everyone deserves a fair chance to compete in the retail market.

latin american ancestry

Latin America Ancestry

Nature’s Vibes Only seeks to rediscover Latin American communities, its culture, and its ancestral art. And we aim to expose and make known their ethnic, colorful and magical handcrafts by giving them the recognition they deserve. Most importantly, we value ​​and respect their traditions.

social justice


Our brand fight against cheap labor and poor working conditions. Our goal is to make sure that shopping through our boutique is a direct and safe source for these vulnerable communities. We believe brands should transmit awareness for social change.


Each piece we sell is one-of-a-kind because we respect all the creative stages of Latin American craftswomen. Our products exist in only one copy so you can get an ethical piece, rare and singular that no one else will have!