Indigenous communities and global warning

Indigenous people know very well the land where they live and the environment that surrounds them. They have learned how to understand and preserve the ecosystems, the wildlife, the soil and they have learned how to survive through the decades. With that knowledge and experience, they have dealt with environmental upheaval for thousands of years […]

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Wayuu Mochilas bag

12 reasons why Wayuu bags are the perfect accessory

1. Their bright colors and symbolic designs When buying a Wayuu bag you have a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from and they are all amazingly beautiful. It does not matter if you wear jeans, dress, if you go to the movies or to the beach, the striking colors of the […]

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Wayuu woman

North of Colombia, a colorful history

The journey through deep Colombia is a story of multiple colors, flavors, and nuances. The country of magical realism captures its history and its culture in hundreds of art exhibitions. This art enhances landscapes and, mainly, show the world a part of the wealth that flourishes in our territory. In the north of our country, […]

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Wayuu bag size

What size of Wayuu bag should I go for?

Wayuu Bags come in a variety of styles and sizes. At Nature’s Vibes only, we have classified our Wayuu bags with the most popular sizes (Large, Medium, Mini). We have also carefully measured each bag just for you so you can find the dimensions of each individual bag in the product description. As you know, all […]

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Know better your Wayuu Bag

We mentioned before about the Wayuu bags features, and on each of our product descriptions, we try to specify all of them: the straps design, the type of drawstring, the type of tassel, etc. But here we want to explain to you all the components of a Wayuu bag so you can know better about […]

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Why there is two quality type for the Wayuu bags?

At Nature’s Vibes Only, we have Wayuu bags (better know as ‘Mochilas’ for its translation in Spanish) classified as Large, Medium and mini according to their size obviously, but we also have a type of Wayuu bags that we call ‘Premium’ which are different from the standard Wayuu bags. But what is the difference between […]

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The cultural heritage of Colombia

To speak about Colombia is, perhaps, to speak of one of the most complex countries in Latin America and the world. Our history has been marked by various facts that still resound in our lives. We have gone around the world, and shared a little of our own, with music, sports, art, the letters of […]

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