Indigenous communities and global warning


Indigenous people know very well the land where they live and the environment that surrounds them. They have learned how to understand and preserve the ecosystems, the wildlife, the soil and they have learned how to survive through the decades. With that knowledge and experience, they have dealt with environmental upheaval for thousands of years and they are aware of today’s global warming. 

Unfortunately, despite the adaptability and resourcefulness that hallmarks any indigenous culture, the latest changing weather patterns are rendering their lands unliveable. The identity and life of indigenous people depend heavily on their close relationship with the land. And due to this closeness to the land, indigenous people are suffering the consequences of climate change sooner and more acutely. As the land changes due to increasing climate instability, their way of life and traditions are in danger. For these vulnerable communities, climate change is not just a threat to the land, but to their human rights.

Wayuu community isn’t an exemption. The vast desert where the Wayuu used to live in harmony and relative prosperity with cows and goats, isn’t the same anymore. Their land has turned into an arid wasteland where their children are dying of malnutrition and where they can no longer survive. The Wayuu people attribute the drought to the God of Rain who is punishing their land because to mankind misbehaves. 

All this human and environmental crisis along together with many more causes have become the core value to Nature’s Vibes Only. We seek to positively impact vulnerable communities as Wayuu people through the recognition of their ancestral, handmade products. And as a brand, we want to warn people about the enormous impact that has every purchase decisions on the planet. Our message is to buy consciously, support the communities, feel responsible 🙂

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