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We mentioned before about the Wayuu bags features, and on each of our product descriptions, we try to specify all of them: the straps design, the type of drawstring, the type of tassel, etc. But here we want to explain to you all the components of a Wayuu bag so you can know better about this beautiful accessory which is not only fashionable, but it also has meanings and history.

Wayuu female artisans weave these bags from bottom to top and usually, male artisans weave the strap which is attached to the bag at the end of the process. Here are the Wayuu bag parts:


All the magic starts here! The weaving begins from the base, and depending on the style, the female artisan can do it one solid color (because not all bags have designs on the bottom), or she can weave a pretty patterned shape, like mandala shape, depending on her inspiration. Obviously, a bottom design means more effort and time, and it is a quality sign. The Premium Wayuu bags (single thread weaving technique) always have an elaborated pattern design at the base.


After start weaving from the base, they continue all up building the body of the Wayuu bag. Here is the moment when these women express their imagination and creativity with different intrinsic designs. It can be a solid color, or it can have beautiful patterns and drawings that are called Kaanás.


Meaning: the art of weaving drawing. The traditional drawings of the Kaanás are the most authentic expression of how the Wayuu perceive their world, their daily life, their surroundings. So from that inspiration, they create stylized figures and patterns of great symbolism. The compositions are elaborated employing the repetition of geometric figures and depending on the complexity of the designs is the quality and value of the Wayuu bag.


At the top border of the Wayuu bag, there are some holes to have the system of fastening with drawstrings. There are three types of drawstrings: Twisted drawstring, Braided drawstring, and weaved drawstring, this last is a little bit more time-consuming.

Tassels or Pom Poms

The Wayuu bag may have either tassels or Pom Poms. There are also a variety of tassels styles, from one solid color ones to more elaborated ones. Tassels with mixed colors are less time-consuming than the tassels with separate colors.


The strap of the bags has a certain width, which depends on the size of the bag. The strap can be braided, woven, or in Osonuchi technique made with a weaving loom. The bright geometric designs may be Zig zag design, Polygon design, or knitted. The Premium bags have a very thin and tight knitted strap which won’t stretch over the years.

All these features are usually mix-up from one Wayuu bag to another to make them one-of-a-kind, not to mention, the more detail required for the piece, the more unique it becomes. Here below is a standard Wayuu bag (double thread), one solid color, size large, with handwoven drawstrings, two elaborated tassels with regrouped colors, pretty pattern design at the bottom part and Premium (no stretch) knitted strap. Every detail counts, and they increase the price of a Wayuu bag, due to the more time-consuming elements.

Isn’t a pretty one!

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    I love your bags the uniqueness and would love to work with you.

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    • Hi Jennie! Thanks for contacting us 🙂 We are open for partnership & collaboration whether you are a company, media, influencer, blogger, YouTuber, etc. Please send us an email with your detailed proposition to and we will contact you back shortly!

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