Wayuu Clutch – Fuzzies – Atürüla

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Colorful and geometrical patterned clutch perfect for any special event as an accent piece to definitely make you stand out. Capacity: Has a perfect size to carry the basics as cellphone, wallet, some makeup, and keys.

Colors: Bright, vibrant color palette


  • Fuzzy Tapestry in acrylic thread
  • Upper red zipper
  • Inner Lining

Product values:

fair trade
Respect & Fair-trade
latin american ancestry
Latin America Heritage
women empowering
Women support
One-of-a-kind piece







Dimensions: W 11 1/4 H 6 3/4″

Material: Acrylic

Made by: Wayuu woman from La Guajira, an indigenous ethnic group of northern Colombia.

Technique: This clutch is hand made using Wayuu weaving techniques. This means that sizes, patterns, and details may vary one to another and slight defects may appear.

Time required: up to 3 days of hand weave by one artisan

Care instructions: Can be hand washed using mild soap with cold water or machine washed on a gentle cycle. Should be air dried.


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