The slow living with a slow brand

the slow living

What is Slow Living?

In a world era where technology rule, where everything seems artificial, fake and even poisoned, and where many people are just rushing through life, there is, on the other hand, a movement looking for a new lifestyle. The ‘Slow living’ is a movement that arises for a much more conscious, mindful, intentional, and well-being lifestyle.

As a result of the fascination of a simple life, the millenary magical cultures, and the natural and handmade objects, Nature’s Vibes Only is based on the concept of the Slow Revolution and seeks to encourage consciously and decelerated consumption through ethical products with durable high quality. 

What makes our brand a Slow brand

Few, specific styles per collection

As a brand, we don’t seek mass consumption through micro seasons every 2 weeks, but one or two collections per year with one-of-a-kind handmade pieces with a respectful process.

Highlight the essential

Our strategy is to highlight the essential, respect the traditions and value the know-how of the different corners of Latin America.  It is incredible and important to learn from ancient cultures and value them.

Timeless style

Our accessories are timeless and can be worn season after season, year after year and would never run out of style. They’ve been handmade with the same technique and style through generations.

Higher quality over quantity = Long-lasting pieces

Our products are handmade with either sustainable materials or made from durable and resistant materials to make them with very high quality. So with good care, the piece would last lifelong.

Committed to communities

We seek to support vulnerable communities so that their handmade work is recognized internationally.  Our products come directly from indigenous communities to keep their traditions and indigenous art alive, rather than industrialized factories or huge chain enterprises.

Human rights first

Foreign production does not necessarily mean exploitation. Our fair trade partnership respects its know-how and its time-honoured tradition and also ensures the quality of life of its artisans.


Sustainable means supporting artisans who work from their home, with the ancestral traditions that are considerate with humanity and the environment.

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