What size of Wayuu bag should I go for?

Wayuu bag size

Wayuu Bags come in a variety of styles and sizes. At Nature’s Vibes only, we have classified our Wayuu bags with the most popular sizes (Large, Medium, Mini). We have also carefully measured each bag just for you so you can find the dimensions of each individual bag in the product description. As you know, all handmade items come with a range of variations and for every single Wayuu bag, there is a slightly different size. Nonetheless, Wayuu weavers artisans in La Guajira use techniques to assure the traditional size bags do not notably vary.

Large Wayuu Bag

The traditional Wayuu bag size is the Large bag, which is the most popular size because of its versatility and commodity. Large Wayuu bags make part of the most popular Wayuu bags you can find on the market and its average size is 14 inches in depth and 36 inches for the strap. The large Wayuu bag size is great for daytime use, you can fit a lot in them! If you are planning to carry a lot of things to a long journey, they are great for day-to-day, for festivals, on the beach, at the park, etc. It can easily carry a book, a water bottle, makeup, wallet, phone, sunscreen, keys, etc. And you will be able to carry all these around all day with room to spare – even to pop a scarf or sweater in. Also, an iPad or a 13inch MacBook in but this last would probably stick out the top.

Medium Wayuu Bags

Medium size Wayuu bags have an average size of 10 inches in depth, they sit between Large size and Mini size Wayuu bags. They are perfect to carry the necessary and a little more. They are very versatile and it can be worn across the body or on one shoulder. So if you think the large size is too big for you and that the mini size too small, this is the perfect size in the middle of those two!

Mini Wayuu bags

Mini Wayuu bags are beautifully cute and small. They are around 5 to 6 inches depth and the strap size varies between 32 and 40 inches in length. These little Wayuu bags are more an evening bag or for a day out where you don’t need to take loads with you. These Mini bags fit to carry the cellphone, a bit of makeup, wallet, and keys.

Clutches Wayuu

We also offer in our catalog the Wayuu clutches which are also perfect for nighttime to carry the essentials!

Pouch Wayuu

We have also a cutie pouch perfect to carry your makeup essentials in your Wayuu bag!  

Wayuu Yoga mat bag

Yoga fan? We have the perfect, beautiful, handmade, Wayuu bag for your yoga mat!

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