Why there is two quality type for the Wayuu bags?

At Nature’s Vibes Only, we have Wayuu bags (better know as ‘Mochilas’ for its translation in Spanish) classified as Large, Medium and mini according to their size obviously, but we also have a type of Wayuu bags that we call ‘Premium’ which are different from the standard Wayuu bags.

But what is the difference between these two types of Wayuu bags?

Well, they were weaved with different techniques. Yes, there are two types of weaving techniques from Wayuu women, the single thread weaving technique (Premium) and the double thread weaving technique (Standard).

How to recognize if the Wayuu bag was weaved with one thread or two threads?

To remark the difference, you need to touch them to identify the texture as it is hard to know on just a picture. Here are some hints to learn how to differentiate one quality to another.

Premium Wayuu bag (Single thread)

  • The woven time required is around 4 weeks
  • The bag is much lighter
  • The crochet stitch is tighter and stronger
  • The bag strap is lighter and tighter (no stretch)
  • They have more elaborated and sturdier handwoven drawstrings
  • They have a pretty and elaborate design on the bottom

Standard Wayuu bag (Double thread)

  • The woven time required is around 2 weeks
  • The bag is relatively heavier
  • The crochet stitch is larger
  • The bag strap is thicker and slightly stretchy
  • They usually have either twisted drawstrings or braided drawstrings
  • Not all bags have a design on the bottom

There are different features from each Wayuu bag (drawstrings type, pompoms, tassels, straps style) all mixed in different ways that make them one-of-a-kind. Besides the fact that they are handmade, that makes that all the sizes, patterns, and details may vary one to another. This means that every Wayuu bag is unique! They all have their own style, with different features, different patterns, colors, etc.! We have carefully detailed each of our Wayuu bag in our eShop collection with all their features, so you can be sure what type of Wayuu bag you’re getting with us!

We took as example for this article our following Wayuu bags:

2 Responses to “Why there is two quality type for the Wayuu bags?”

  1. Hi! thanks for the detailed information it was very helpful for me your article. I’ve been looking to buy one long time ago but I always hesitate… hope to buy one soon. I’d like to know what is the lifespan difference between both types of mochilas?

    • Hi Marie! A 100% original Wayuu bag is made from Acrylic and you can recognize an authentic Wayuu bag by the vividness and strength of its colorful motifs. Very different from what it would look like if they were made of cotton. In addition, this material allows them to be even more resistant and to last intact for many many years. This material allows the Wayuu bag to keep its hues intact washed after washing, and this applies to both types of bags. Both can last for life with good care since they are very resistant, but the Premium Wayuu bag, different from the standards, can remain intact in the size and seam of the strap. On the contrary to a standard, which through the years can stretch a little and the seam of the strap can be lengthened or loose (depending on the weight with which the bag is used). But in general, both types of Wayuu bags are very very durable!

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